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Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Do you have any ideas what you’re going to do for 2+ weeks while you’re out of school?  There are only so many cartoons you can watch, even if you do have satellite or cable.  There are only so many books to read, so many balls you can hit, and so many snowmen you can build.

Travel Cribbage Boards from Cribbage Supply

Travel Cribbage Boards from Cribbage Supply

When you’re tired of all the standard suggestions your parents may give you try a new something.  How about visiting and letting your mom know about the great cribbage boards they have for sale.  Their products section shows so many beautiful and artistic boards, along with some fun shaped boards that you can talk your parents into getting for you.  After all, they’re 40% off so they are a great deal.  They are made in America so the craftsmanship is exceptional and even a kid can’t break something so durable.  They can even accessorize the board with nice metal pegs or novelty cards.

American made boards are sold at Cribbage Supply.  Americans benefit from the sale of each board, both by boosting the economy but also by helping disabled American veterans.  Tell your folks that they’d be showing you a good example by buying cribbage boards from Cribbage Supply because of the benefits to your country–the place you intend to grow up in and prosper in. 

You can only do the things you have right now so many times until they get old.  Try something new and get your folks to visit Cribbage Supply and get you a cribbage board.